" I naturally started to make my own music and at first I didn’t think my music was particularly special, but the more I worked at it and tried new things I really found my own style. Then I started to gradually meet people who also fit my style. " 

" I’m inspired by things that happen in my everyday life, both the small and big moments. For example, the light that shines from traffic lights in the middle of the night, the feelings I experience while walking with somebody, the warmness of a fresh cup of coffee…  I get inspired by things like this. And when it comes to who inspires me… Often when one thinks about someone, whether it be a memory or a thought about the future, one experiences some sort of emotion. "

" I was really surprised while browsing the internet one day because I found international fans talking about me. I can only imagine that my international fans come from countries that have so many incredibly talented artists/musicians, yet I have fans in these countries too? So, I’m really thankful and also wonder how they heard about me and why they like my music. " 

Producer & Singer. We’re talking about Zion T.

Click Me (ft Dok2) & Babay (ft Gaeko)
" We don’t like to confine our music to a specific genre or make links with other bands. We just make what we like and what sounds the most natural to us. We do enjoy listening to bands from the UK!  “ 
" By chance, we found this little shop in Seoul where they had traditional instruments from Africa. We thought the idea of using African traditional rhythm and instruments was a cool thing to try. So we made researches on African traditional music, but we finally got the ideas from the basics that we can’t even name one artist. ” 
" Attention is obviously a great thing. K-pop fan or not, if any person like our music, it’s a happy thing for us and to the listener. But we honestly don’t know how K-pop is effecting the music industry in Europe. We just hope our music spreads world wide.  ”
" Well, indie music business here is small for sure. It’s not easy to spread our music world wide or get attention in short period like June One just said. I’m not sure how other bands are going [through] with these obstacles but I think we’re making progress going our own way.  “ 
Basically 3, only 2 now, Kim June One and Kang Hyuk Jun. (Ryu Jeon Yeol left in 2012) They are Glen Check. 
Clip : French Virgin Party + Battaille & Racket 

" The name Giriboy means “to see the way” [Korean: Giri boi], that no matter what I do, the things in front of me are bright and promising. If I do anything else than music, for example painting, I want to use this name. "

" There are several other things than films that inspire me. I hear a conversation in a film and think “Ah, it would be fun to expand this [sentence/thought/idea]”. At other times I pay attention when talking to my friends – especially when we’re out for drinks, that’s when I get the most inspiration. For example, my friend says “Let’s go for a second round!” and I think “Oh, second round sounds good” and then I write it down every time that happens. I also receive lots of inspiration from gag programs on TV. Several things came to me during this interview now too.  "

"  Instead of stress, I feel burdened by people who see me as nice and cheerful. I don’t see myself as someone with a nice and bright personality, but when others think so I feel a tiny bit burdened. "

"  As this song has a different feeling than all the other songs I’ve released until now, you might think that “Giriboy wouldn’t make such a song” but songs like “이젠안돼” (Not Any More) used to be my style. I originally made songs with such feelings and because I like it, I made this song. I like English rock and in English rock, they sing a bit strangely. A bit of an “Uhaa~” feeling. Wanting to make something like that, I wrote the song. Its lyrics are good as well. I made it so that even when elderly people listen to “이젠안돼” (Not Any More), they get the feeling “Oh, so the lyrics are somehow literary”. I don’t know if that turned out well but my mother likes this song. Another thing is that this song can be interpreted differently depending on the thoughts of the listener. For example, if you think about love while listening to it, you hear it as a love story, if you think of your dream while listening, you hear it as a story of dreams. So I’d like people to listen to this song with various thoughts. " 


Clip : Different (ft Crucial Star) 
Song : 선소(ft. Lovey & Brother Su)

" I actually didn’t know. Originally, we were a quintet Dicks but changed into Geeks when the number of members decreased. "

" Until child was not only worry about in the future is also interesting. Lil Boi and music, while “it’s interesting, Lil Boi and his music, it is exciting till we die in the same times I’m thinking " by Louie

" With Louie in front of me, secretly listening to CD when I was only a kid in the world. Slightly take a peek. CD with our song came out and performing on stage. That’s literally dreams come true. " by Lil boi

" We’re really bewildered yet. We never expected such a reaction. We just think it’s marvelous that someone recognize us on street. […] We didn’t have specially different desires. Also, we didn’t think to be celebrities. But we keep our will going to create sympathetic music with twenties. It’s nothing if they don’t have same feeling hearing our music. "

Lil boi & Louie are Geeks.

Clip : Officially Missing You & Hold it Down


" I think my real identity is myself. Today I answer like this, but there may be times that I can’t see or understand myself in a moment. But searching for real self and going forward is my homework. "

" I started my career as a child actor, but I’ve never thought of the day comes when I retire from showbiz. To pursue my new dream as an actor and a singer, I will continue to work in showbiz and at the same time I want to try in my new fields. This is my stance and principles. […] After all, when I was 20 years old. I’ve set my goal to be a free man since I found “I’m the main character in my life”. As I just started to take the first step in becoming a free man, I’m not sure yet where it’s going to lead in the future. "

" Last year one of my big dreams to hold my concert at Tokyo Dome came true. But just after it finished, I wondered where to go from now. I prefer doing what I want to do rather than doing what my company asks me to do. I couldn’t find my next step soon after the concert, and everything stopped. I mean my idea of managing my company, acting and making album all stopped. But there were a lot of things I had to do. At that time, I realized again that it was really hard for me to be forced to do something. Thinking back now, what I had to do at that time was what I wanted to do. I’m afraid I alone didn’t notice that… I wonder why I forgot everything I chose because I wanted to do. I think I fell in a terrible slump. "

" There was days when I had fear about this early success and was thinking every day about what I should do. Now, I’m enjoying every single moment and searching for what I want to do. It means what I’m preparing for now is what I personally want to do, not as an artist. "

Korean star that I admire the most, an actor, a singer,a musician, a businessman and more, Jang Keun Suk.

Clip : The time for waiting (OST of Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si) &  Please ! My bus (OST of Mary Stayed Out All Night)